News Page 22  OTHER PLACES
- That sell antiques.........
Here are some "other places" that are worth knowing
about.  They do not have a page on this site.  Most do not
advertise  .Please keep up with this site for more NEWS
about them.
Please mention to them that you them here.
Some people are still afraid of "being on the Internet"  
Also, some have only a few antiques from time to time,
but are still worth visiting from time to time.  
Below are the African tribal things of Robert Wolfe's shop:
Antiques & Neat Stuff, now in Ravenel, SC.
Queen Charlotte Antiques has closed &
moved to another city.
Main Street Antiques
200-A North Main St.
Summerville, SC 29483   
Alexandra AD is not
an antiques shop we
can recommend.  
They do not allow
pictures of any kind.
Well Furnished is a shop that features
Antiques as well as oil paintings and
more modern decorative things.
34 Windermere Blvd. in
South Windermere Shopping Center,
West Ashley, 29407.
Matthew McLaughlin is the
owner/manager.  Here are some pictures: